Retirement Home Redesigned!

I’m sure many of you have seen a post similar to this one floating around the internet, but I was so taken aback when I saw it for myself, I has to write about it. One man created a retirement home that is exactly like a town, specialized for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

As you can see from the photo above, it appears to look like separate houses, but inside a building. I suppose the idea was to allow residents to have their own porch, their own ‘home’. BRILLIANT! In the many articles I read on this facility, I came across some interested details. For example, the lights dim as the day goes on, so resident’s are more aware of the time of day. Another cool feature is that it is equipped with multiple little bistros, where staff serve resident meals, etc. The list goes on and on about all the interesting features this facility has!

If I ever got the chance to work in a facility like this, I would be honoured!


How to achieve clear, smooth, glowing skin!

The very first blog post (of course) has to be skin care related!

Everyone wants to have clear, smooth, glowing skin, right? Well, I know I do, which is why I try loads of different things, and read quite a lot about it. If you’re interested in having a clear skin, then you should definitely try out these five tips:

1. Water water water! Don’t forget to drink enough liquids during the day, it is recommended to have at least 2 liters a day, which might be quite difficult, but you can make it easier by adding lemon, cucumber or berries to your water. You can also drink tea, herbal tea, green tea, they’re all good for you and your skin. I have to admit, I find it quite difficult to drink that much in one day, but I try! and so should you, as it will definitely help your skin glow. Oh, and of course, liquids like coke, sprite, pepsi or anything like that doesn’t count, as it’s bad for you and your skin.

2. Keep your hands away from your face! Try not to pick any spots, or black heads or anything like that, as it might lead to scars and damaged skin cells, and it might actually cause even more spots, so try to be kind to your skin, and it will thank you. But if you really can’t keep your hands off of your face, and really want to squeeze the spots, then at least be really careful, and gentle and of course use an antiseptic to prevent any infections.

3. Always wash your face! You have to ALWAYS clean your makeup off, doesn’t matter how lazy, tired or maybe drunk you are, I know sometimes it might be difficult (yeah I’m guilty of sometimes not doing it), but it will be better for your skin. Okay, so cleaning off your makeup is one thing, but then there’s another important thing: having a skincare routine. My skin looks so much better if I actually take time to clean it properly every morning and every evening, even if I wasn’t wearing any makeup that day, it’s still important to clean it, as that will help you balance your skin, and get rid of all the oils.

4. Treat your face! At least once a week you should exfoliate your skin, and treat it with a face mask, you may not have time to do this often, but you should definitely pamper your skin at least once a week, whenever you have time. So, why exfoliate? it will remove dead skin cells, it will freshen up and renew your skin. To do that you can use any facial scrub, that suits your skin, to me, the best scrub ever is just plain coffee, or coffee mixed with coconut oil. Once you exfoliate your skin, I would recommend a face mask, as it will feed your skin, you can buy so many different face masks, or you can make one yourself.

5. Oil is a good thing! If you haven’t tried using any oils as skincare products, then you definitely should. Oils will actually help you balance, hydrate and moisturize your skin. Coconut oil is my absolute favorite (can be used as a makeup cleanser and just a general cleanser). It works really well, also that way, you know, that you’re not using any harsh ingredients on your skin, just a simple oil.

Source: allwomenstalk